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OH2 Landing Page


Welcome to our OH2 page!  We're blessed that you'd visit us here and our hope is to provide OH2 related updates for future events and activities, as well as resources to help inspire, equip and empower your walk with Christ so that you can be raised to be like Jesus and reach our world by "opening heavens and opening hearts" everywhere through the good news and power of the Gospel!  

So please keep checking back as things develop!  In the mean time, check out below some more ways you can participate and stay connected!

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Got a Praise Report?

We'd love to hear your feedback & testimonies!

If you participated in one of our OH2 events or have just been impacted by God through our ministry in general, we would love to hear from you!

Praise Reports/Testimonies are powerful and give glory to Jesus, and not only that, but they are encouraging to all who hear, including us!  So we'd like to invite you to share with us your experience!  It could be as simple as sharing about how you've enjoyed OH2 and our ministry, or it could be sharing a praise report of something that happened in your life during or as a result of our ministry!

If you could bless us by sharing your feedback and/or testimony, please click the button below! 

Open Heavens

Open Hearts

We want to reach and raise people to be like Jesus through the power of God and His hands of love.  

OH2 Conference Mission

At the heart of our conference is the belief that every Christian is called and empowered by God to "open heavens and open hearts" everywhere.  Meaning that God has called us to be the salt and light of the earth to reach people as "fishers of men" as we make disciples of all nations in every area of life.  In order to accomplish this Great commission, we believe God, through His grace, equips and empowers us with His power and love as we carry and proclaim His Good News.


With His power, we "open heavens" through prayer, worship, spiritual gifts, and all the various graces and workings of the Holy Spirit. The resulting hope is to create space where we see God work powerfully both in and through our lives and the lives around us. 

With His love, we "open hearts" of people by ministering His graces through good works towards our neighbors.  By being God's "hands of love" we serve, care and lead those around us to greater open hearts towards God. 

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