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I remember watching a clip of a video where the speaker was talking about how all of us have “superpowers.” Perhaps not literally superpowers like Superman or Captain America, but things that are special about us. For example, a person might say, “My superpower is being able to keep going no matter how many times life disappoints me.” Or, “My superpower is seeing the positive in everything.” Another superpower might be “I am able to encourage others.”

First, on one level, I think this is great! I think it’s awesome when people who feel like they don’t have much by way of talent, intelligence, experience or resources (aka myself once upon a time, and still from time to time) can realize that they do in fact have so much more in them than they realized - and what's even greater and better is to realize that it was God who has given them so much and works through them. The hopeful fruit is that people will realize how good God is and how much He loves them and so be more in love with Him as well.

Also, the hopeful fruit is that God’s people will awaken to their calling and potential to make significant impact for God’s Kingdom: aka, they realize they are Spirit-born, Spirit-empowered “Kingdom Influencers”! (I worked that in because the title of a message I shared with our church). Hopefully, to realize we have "superpowers" from God (not only things that make us special, but also spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit) will get us activated and motivated to use these "superpowers" for God's glory and purpose.

Second, on a whole other level, I realized today what our greatest “superpower” is. A superpower is supposed to be the ability to do things humans normally can’t do. A superpower is superpower is supposed to be an ability to do the impossible. Based on these things then, our greatest superpower is bringing joy to God, aka, making God happy! Without Jesus this is as possible as a person jumping to the moon by their own physical body. But because of Jesus