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First Look: The Bible Recap Podcast

By Jimmy Lee, Lead Pastor / FEB 16, 2020

A Innovative Way to Enjoy the Bible

If you’re looking for new innovative ways to get into the Bible and not only read it and study it, but to actually engage it and enjoy it, then here is something that you should check out!

I shared the message “Seeking God: Through the Bible” today at church, and when I got home I was looking for some great resources that I hope could help our church seek God through reading, meditating and studying Scriptures. That’s when I came across and just found out about this podcast called “The Bible Recap.”

I read up a little on what it’s all about and listened to various parts of different episodes from their podcast and so far I think it’s really great. From what I know so far, the gist of it is that the podcast is going through the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Just like the name of the podcast, each episode is a summary/recap of a portion of Scripture, including different insights into the significance and meaning of the reading.

A few things I really like so far:

  • Each episode is not very long, about 7-11min.

  • The speaker speaks the recap in a way that sounds like actual news/events that have happened, which is exactly as how it should be since these are actual news/event that have happened! I felt like I was listening to someone on the radio who was recapping current events or the latest development in some on-going news.

  • The host seems to share some great, biblical insights and explanations of the Scriptures.

Check It Out and Let Me Know What You Think!

It really is different from anything I’ve seen or heard and I can’t help but think there might be some of you who will enjoy it! There are plenty of other people who already do as the podcast has over 10 million downloads in just a year and has ranked number one in it’s category beating out the likes of Oprah and Joel Osteen!

Like I said, I’m just starting to learn about it and would love for you to also check it out with me and let me know what you think by commenting below!

There is an article below about the Podcast, how it works, and the person who started it. Also, here are some links to help you check it out yourself: