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Mid-Weekly Announcements / July 6, 2018


The sun's shining and the skies are blue, and you know what that means! It means that it looks like a great time to have a picnic! That's right, we're having an outdoor get together with our whole church for a time of hanging out and we want you there!

When: Sunday, August 5 at 2pm

Where: Ilsan Lake Park (specific directions to follow)

Who: You and anyone else you want to bring!

Cost: 5,000won per person

Food: Some food will be provided (example, pizza and/or friend chicken), but we also suggest that you bring some of your own food/snacks in case you are really hungry!

There will be sign-ups and more details this Sunday. In the mean time, if you have any questions please contact Mark Kim after service on Sunday, or email him at:



Our Lead Pastor, Jimmy Lee, will be traveling to Mongolia for ministry this upcoming Sunday evening. He will be there from the evening of Sun, July 8 and will return late night Thurs, July 12 at 325am (so technically Friday). He will be speaking and ministering in six sessions for a leadership conference.

1. Please pray for the conference and the nation of Mongolia. God loves this nations and is doing great and mighty things. We believe God has great plans for this country and we hope that this conference will be a powerful catalyst to see God's kingdom come in the next generation like never before!

2. This is a good time to pray as we are reminded that our church supports Jesus Glory Church in Mongolia that is led by Pastor Debora Odhvv. Let us pray for Pastor Debora, her children and their church!

3. Please pray for Pastor Jimmy. Please pray for health and safety, anointing and favor, and that he will hear and follow God's leading. Please pray as he prepares for the conference. He was initially under the impression that he would be speaking for two sessions only, but just recently found out that he will be speaking for six sessions. Pray for God's grace and favor as he prepares so that he will say and do as Jesus would.



We've go two great things for you! First, we are in a sermon series called "We Are" which you can hear during our Sunday Service or online through our podcast!

Second, to go along with our sermon series, we have a "We Are" blog series! Through our online blog you will get more insight into God's Word as dig deeper into the "We Are" Series and the them of knowing ourselves in Christ. You will also find additional resources as well as the sermon outline/notes in both English and Korean!

Click Here to dive into the blog series!

Click one of these links to listen to the series!



We have a weekly gathering every Tuesday night at Covenant Hall from 8-10pm centered around Bible Study and fellowship! It is a great opportunity to hang out and get to know some of our church family as we move forward together in our knowledge of and love for our good, good Father!

WHEN: Every Tuesday, 8-10pm

WHERE: Covenant Hall

For more info or to ask questions, contact Maria Kim:



Here are are a few ways to connect with your Joyful City Church community throughout the week to stay up to date with news, announcements and other great resources!

KAKAO PLUS FRIEND: If you use Kakao Talk, this is the best way to stay connected and get the latest news and content from Joyful City. Through Plus Friend, you will get access to our Kakao Plus Friend homepage as well as direct messages sent straight to your Kakao! Once you add us, be sure to check out the homepage regularly for updates!


- To Add Directly Now: Click the following link to be taken straight to our Kakao Plus Friends Homepage. Once you are there, click on "add friend" (Because Kakao Plus Friend is not in English yet, it will say: "친구추가"): Click Here

- To Add Through Your Kakao App: To find and add us through your Kakao Talk app, go to the "Friends" tab and type in "Joyful City Church" in the search menu at the top. Then be sure to hit "search" which will then bring up category tabs at the top. Select "Plus Friends" and you should be able to see our Joyful City Church Plus Friends account. Select it and add as a friend.

FACEBOOK COMMUNITY GROUP: If you are a part of Joyful City then come join our private Facebook Community Group dedicated to members of our community! Through this group you will get to connect with other members of Joyful City on Facebook. As well, you will also have access to updates and other Joyful City related content!


- Log-in to Facebook

- In the search bar, type in "Joyful City Community" (There are other Joyful City Facebook accounts including our public page as well as our admin account, so be sure that you select the right account.)

- A search result saying "Joyful City Community (members only)" should pop in the results. Click on it and then request to be added.

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