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Online Church This Sunday 3/1

Updated: Jan 26, 2021


We will be having our church service online again this Sunday. We praise God because of the great praise reports from our Online Service this past weekend! Even though it was due to unfortunate circumstances, we really saw God use all things together for good!

Thank you to all of you who joined us online, and especially for those who invited family and friends to join with you! Online Services are such a great, powerful way to reach more and more people for Jesus! Particularly people who may not feel comfortable going to a church or have had bad experiences in the past. We are seeing God heal, set free, and deliver people from such past hurts as they hear the Gospel and encounter God in a fresh new way!

So be sure to tune in once again this Sunday as unite in heart and spirit to seek first the Kingdom of God wherever we are!


As we've been monitoring the Corona19 Virus situation, it seems that the need to be careful/cautious continues to grow. We want to put the safety and peace of mind of our members and guests as priority at this time and feel continuing to do services online is the wise decision. We've come to this decision not just through practical decision making, but first and foremost through prayer, seeking God's face, and taking steps as we believe God is leading us to.

We believe also that by not gathering together we are sending a message to the city and nation around us that we care about joining the cause of doing what we can to stop the spread of the virus by avoiding large public gatherings that could potentially abet in more people being infected.

As an act of solidarity we want to show that being truly "spiritual" is not about putting a "worship service" as of higher importance than loving our neighbors and caring for the health/safety of the men, women and children we are called to love and reach with the Good News of Jesus.


At 2pm this Sunday, go to our YouTube channel: Once on the channel it should show the "live" video, which you click in order to join the livestream!

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