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Duri Hana Outreach Highlight Video

This past Saturday our church had the awesome privilege of sending some of our members to hang out and serve North Korean youth and children for a day at Duri Hana Ministries. It was a great time filled with laughter and joy as our teach got to get to know the kids and pray with them!


We want to thank everyone who took the time and effort to participate in this special event! As well, we want to give special thanks to Kate You, Eunji Kim, Naelle Song, and Ding Xin for helping to organize and run this event for our church!

We want to give a very special thanks and honor to Pastor Mike Durkan who was the visionary for this event and helped get the ball rolling for us even though he had to move to Canada before the event could happen.

To all who participated, to all who led, to all who prayed, it is people like you who make a difference and move mountains with faith!


We put together this simple highlight video below to celebrate and thank you all and this outreach, as well as a reminder for us to keep praying for these kids and for the nation of North Korea!

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