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JCity Weekly / August 15, 2018

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

SERMON We Are 08: "We Are Worshippers Part One"

The sermon notes from We Are 08: "We Are Workers Part One" are now available.

Get the notes: Click Here

The sermon audio is now available on our podcast.

Listen to the Sermon: Soundcloud / iTunes



This Sunday will be our last day to register for Small Groups this upcoming term! We had a great registration this past Sunday with a bunch of people signing-up already! We hope that you will join them and sign-up this Sunday!

We're excited for this new term of Small Groups as we believe God is going to do great things! We believe being part of a Small Group can make a big impact on your spiritual growth and is also real important for being part of the church. It is a time to connect with others and be both blessed by and be a blessing to one another!

Registration: Sun. Aug 19

Small Groups Start: Sun, Sept 2

Small Group Term: Sep (9월) - Dec (12월)

If you have questions please contact Eunji Kim at: