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JCity Weekly / August 28, 2018

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

SERMON We Are 10: "We Are Workers Part Three"

The sermon podcast and notes from We Are 09: "We Are Workers Part Two" are now available! Click Here


SERMON We Are 09: "We Are Workers Part Two"

The sermon podcast and notes from We Are 09: "We Are Workers Part Two" are now available! Click Here



Our Small Groups will be launching a new term this Sunday and we are in full of expectation of all the great things that God will be doing! If you haven't joined a Small Group, there is a grace period of one more week so you can sign-up this Sunday!

For those who have already signed up, we announced which group everyone is in this past Sunday, if you missed the announced please contact Eunji.

Small Groups Start: Sun, Sept 2

Small Group Term: Sep (9월) - Dec (12월)

If you have questions please contact Eunji Kim at:



Community Gatherings are a great way to meet people and get to know people at our church! If you are married, please join us on this day of fellowship and fun! We will have some yummy food and fellowship of getting to know one another. We will also have a special married couple guests, PJ and Jadu 35님 and have some time to get to know them as well.

WHEN: Saturday, September 15th at 2:30 p.m

WHERE: Donkey Station Main Hall

WHO: Married Couples

FOOD: Light food/snacks

If you have questions please contact either:

Deborah Back at:

Pastor Sungho Yoo at:



We have a weekly gathering every Tuesday night at Covenant Hall from 8-10pm centered around Bible Study and fellowship! It is a great opportunity to hang out and get to know some of our church family as we move forward together in our knowledge of and love for our good, good Father!

WHEN: Every Tuesday, 8-10pm

WHERE: Covenant Hall

For more info or to ask questions, contact Maria Kim:



Here are are a few ways to connect with your Joyful City Church community throughout the week to stay up to date with news, announcements and other great resources!

KAKAO PLUS FRIEND: If you use Kakao Talk, this is the best way to stay connected and get the latest news and content from Joyful City. Through Plus Friend, you will get access to our Kakao Plus Friend homepage as well as direct messages sent straight to your Kakao! Once you add us, be sure to check out the homepage regularly for updates!


- To Add Directly Now: Click the following link to be taken straight to our Kakao Plus Friends Homepage. Once you are there, click on "add friend" (Because Kakao Plus Friend is not in English yet, it will say: "친구추가"): Click Here

- To Add Through Your Kakao App: To find and add us through your Kakao Talk app, go to the "Friends" tab and type in "Joyful City Church" in the search menu at the top. Then be sure to hit "search" which will then bring up category tabs at the top. Select "Plus Friends" and you should be able to see our Joyful City Church Plus Friends account. Select it and add as a friend.

FACEBOOK COMMUNITY GROUP: If you are a part of Joyful City then come join our private Facebook Community Group dedicated to members of our community! Through this group you will get to connect with other members of Joyful City on Facebook. As well, you will also have access to updates and other Joyful City related content!


- Log-in to Facebook

- In the search bar, type in "Joyful City Community" (There are other Joyful City Facebook accounts including our public page as well as our admin account, so be sure that you select the right account.)

- A search result saying "Joyful City Community (members only)" should pop in the results. Click on it and then request to be added.

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