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JCity Weekly / July 30, 2018

Updated: Feb 13, 2020


It's picnic time!! This coming Sunday we will be having a church wide picnic and want to see you there! You can also invite your family/friends to come hang out and have some fun too!

When: Sunday, August 5 at 2pm

Where: Ilsan Lake Park

Who: You and anyone else you want to bring!

Cost: 5,000won per person

Food: Some food will be provided (example, pizza and/or fried chicken), but we also suggest that you bring some of your own food/snacks in case you are really hungry!

If you need to sign-up or have questions please contact Mark Kim at:



Please come to service tomorrow dressed and ready to stay cool as the air conditioning system in Covenant Hall is unable to keep up with increasing hot weather. The weather looks to be hotter tomorrow then last week so be sure to prepare yourself (and your family) accordingly!

We want to thank you all again for your patience and cooperation during this time. Seeing everyone maintain a positive attitude is very encouraging and is so awesome as we makes the best of the situation all together. If anything, more than just the singing, it is this kind of unity of heart and mind that is true worship!



YA2 (Young Adults 2) will be having a community gathering on Aug.26th! It's going to be a great time of hanging out and getting to know one another!

When: Sun, Aug 26th / 3pm

Where: Donkey Station Main Hall

Who: Singles, 29+ (Western Age) aka singles born on or before 1990

Food: Light food/snacks will be provided