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July 29 / Worship Sunday Recap

Updated: Feb 13, 2020


Yesterday we had an incredible “Worship Sunday” service! The presence of God was awesome as our community passionately and deeply came before the Lord to seek His face and to give Him all the glory! It felt like our church had MOVED FORWARD to another LEVEL as the sound of our voices, clapping hands and dancing feet filled the room! And as our praise filled the room, according to God’s promise in Psalm 22:3, God filled our praise with His life-giving, freedom releasing, joy-filled presence!


Worship Sundays are so important because most Sundays we take the majority of time to be fed the Word of God. Worship Sundays are our opportunity to act upon and respond to God’s Word all together as a community. It is a time to give back to God the praise for all He has given us. It is a time to learn to seek God and encounter Him personally on our own in the midst of corporate worship. Not only is it about worship, but it is also a time for us to step out and minister to one another in prayer!


We are currently in a sermon series called “We Are” that is focused on knowing our identity in Jesus. One of the most important parts of our God-given identity is that of being a worshipper (John 4). This is why at Joyful City one of our biggest values is worship and our hope is to see God raise up Joyful City as a powerful army of passionate worshippers, because not only is being a worshipper our identity, but worship is powerful! Worship is a powerful “weapon” or “tool” that God has given us in His grace that helps and blesses us and others through us!

As we shared yesterday, worship is not just for the “strong” but it is for the weak. It is for people who need more of God. It is for people who are struggling and defeated and being beaten up by the world around them or by their weaknesses within. When we look in holy scripture, we see that when God’s people were in need of a victory they couldn’t win by their own strength, they turned to worship to make room for God and His power and grace to fill their worship and invade their circumstance!


We want to thank all our volunteers and leaders for making it all possible yesterday not only through serving with your hands, feet, time and energy, but through faith, prayer and by setting the tone of an atmosphere for encounter! We also thank all those who came out to service yesterday and pray that you will continue to be blessed and grow closer to God as you pursue God’s presence throughout the week!

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